Hello and nice to see you there! I am Ash and my blog is about interior styling, living coaching and lifestyle from Adelaide.

Who is the girl behind this blog?


Ash, beginning / middle 30, I started blogging in 2014. I have a lovely ‘artist’ husband and a fat cat named Gandhi. In addition to blogging and everything I can do with design, my favorite activities are sleeping and living. Yes, living.

I love to live and see how others do that. In addition, I would like to share my living experience in the form of furnishing tips and coaching sessions with you. All of these are reflected in my blog.

What you can find in this blog:

Me and my husband always change something in our apartment.

Would you like to see it?

Photos about our décor project at our house are available here.

Maybe you like Do-it-Yourself stuffs?

There’s a bit of something here. I’m looking forward to interact with you and see your comments!


  • In this blog, I presented products because I find them great.
  • Also you can find me here sponsoring sponsored products only because I am convinced of the quality of the product and they are worth being shown.
  • If you want to recreate my DIY project, it’s done at your own risk, I accept no liability for possible damages for it.
  • If you want to get my personal contact data, you can also reach me through e-mail .